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The sphinx


This log book is a curious voyage, the route of a man with the pseudonym of "sphinx", this imaginary character, enigmatic, artist skimmer of dreams... To take a sphinx’s posture, is indeed for me, putting the exact distance which separates the facts from reality... Writing, being a poetic value in itself, rich writing based on the life of this person of small practices, writings of rare fragments, bringing an unexpected pleasure. A virtual peregrination around the world... unknown adventures made of happinesses and accidents, a story made of many contradictory times : it is a jubiliant interior phantasm, gleaning a sheaf of facts at the same time unusual and terribly significant. Another past another present... "the Sphinx" will he kill, will he devour all those that will not answer his enigmas? I lived long years in silence, patiently, to swallow the pain of the day and night. From my motionless position, I gently raise but I protect myself... I think I found a short cut and I start to walk alone "the Sphinx" awakes finally, goes gradually being reborn like the phoenix and burn his life. This is where the voyage really starts...

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